Friday, June 21, 2024

‘Pedestrians beware’, We are over speeding


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Concern over reckless driving on narrow lanes

Vehicles running in high speed in the narrow locality roads in the city have now become a menace for the residents. One of the worst affected localities is Kench’s Trace.

In a recent incident, a person while returning home from office in this locality had to fend himself against a wall to escape a speeding vehicle driven by an unidentified teenager who was barely of the legal driving age.

Similar near-encounter incidents of pedestrians with speeding vehicles have also been reported in several other areas like Boyce Road, the road behind Survey of India Estate, behind Governor’s House and elsewhere.

A Boyce Road resident said that she dropped her bazaar bag recently when a speeding bike zipped past her.

“The only intention of these bikers is to ground the pedestrians,” the resident retorted angrily. Another resident of the area asked about the whereabouts of the flying squad of the State Police.

Many residents said that besides being extra cautious on these roads one has to be very vigilant since these vehicles can knock down any individual walking on the side since their drivers are ‘maniacs’.

“I wonder how these youths are allowed by their parents to drive vehicles in this fashion on the roads,” a resident of Pine Mount Ridge wondered.

She was echoed by another resident of the town who said that such attitude by the young drivers only indicate that there is no control of the parents over them.

“Apart from over speeding, the cars are also used for anti-social activities in the serenity of a locality, which is not a healthy signal for the society,” she said.

Some residents have also questioned about the NGOs who were earlier clamouring for moral policing in Ward’s Lake, Lady Hydari Park and other such public places.

“Where are they now? Why can’t they do moral policing in these localities where many youth related crimes are going on unabated,” she said, pointing out that loud blaring music pouring out of the vehicles and drinking is a common sight inside these cars.

Many residents also said that the traffic department can adopt the idea of installing cameras in vital points of the city where such activities are rampant. They also said that the police department should coordinate with the residents of these areas to check such practices. (Rajib Roy)


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