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NIT in Meghalaya


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National Institute of Technologies are institutes of national importance which are set up by the Government of India to bring excellence in technical education. One such institute is planned to be set up in Meghalaya. This is another great achievement for the State after the setting up of IIM Shillong.

However the people would like to know what steps are being taken to begin the process of selection of man power needed for the said institution. As citizens we want to see that the selection process for various positions are done in a transparent manner and by following the rules of a public institution. All the positions must be advertised in newspapers, Employment News etc so that a wide section of the public, specially the people from the North Eastern Region and the people of Meghalaya in particular get the opportunity to apply and be selected for the various positions in a fair and just manner.

I appeal to the authorities, specially the Department of Higher and Technical Education, Government of Meghalaya to keep track of the appointments at various levels so that they remain transparent and fair.

Yours etc.,

Richard Mukhim,

Shillong -3

 Pathetic condition of teachers


A few days back I met my friend a retired teacher in the market, the fish market to be specific. He was enquiring the price of fish and with a smile on his face, he left without buying any. I can see myself in his shoes, a few years from now, after dedicating nearly 30 years to the profession and after many of my students are now doctors, engineers, businessmen and politicians too, all of whom I am proud of. I cherish the years as a teacher but now as I reach the end of my career I can see myself facing old age with no retirement benefits and no medical reimbursements. Should I have opted for this profession if I was wise? Should I encourage the young today to take up this profession?

Yours etc.,

A concerned teacher,

via email

 Lesson from AMRI


Just as the Fukishima nuclear disaster had opened the eyes of many nuclear scientists, so also the recent fire that engulfed AMRI hospital, Kolkata and killed several people has hopefully opened the eyes of our leaders here. Hospital safety measures are critical especially in our 24×7 congested city of Shillong. We have neglected Shillong by pass for too long and to expect our fire fighters to make it in time in case of a raging fire is asking for too much. In situations like these, hospital authorities are expected to give priority to safety norms to prevent fires. Electrical wirings and fittings should be properly maintained and circuit breakers have to be routinely checked to see if they are effective when short circuits occur. Fire extinguishers should be immediately replaced when their expiry date is reached. Vacant spaces around hospitals should not be used for dumping inflammable materials. What had happened at AMRI is also an eye opener for all of us. The fact that the rank and file of the hospital (few of them) lost their lives in the fire and the slum dwellers risked their own lives to save others is a clear indication that we cannot expect anything from the rich and mighty. In this modern, selfish world the rare act of courage and selflessness shown by the slum dwellers is indeed a silver lining in a dark cruel and gloomy world. Let us pray for God’s healing touch on the youth, Shankar Maity, a slum dweller who after having saved many a life is battling for his own. .

Yours etc..,

Wandell Passah,


 Fire disasters


Apropos the news, “Devastating fire in city, 4 houses gutted” (ST December 13, 2011) in order to reduce the devastating effect of such fires in future, the fire fighters should be located in strategic areas in four corners of Shillong city. I request the Chief Executive of the State to issue a directive to the concerned department to be on the alert, and to respond promptly once they receive an emergency call on 108. One thing I observed was that the poor firefighters were not well equipped. Nor do the firemen have fire proof garments. Meanwhile I appreciate the bravado and unity of purpose of the Mawlai Mawroh locality in dousing the fire unitedly.

Yours etc.,

Bajop Pyngrope,

Via email


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