Section 144 imposed to halt pumping of water from Tura streams


From Our Correspondent

 TURA: The Tura district administration has imposed Section 144 CrPC prohibiting the dumping of sewage and pumping of water from the streams of Tura in view of the drastic water shortage problem of the town.

West Garo Hills deputy commissioner Pravin Bakshi held a meeting on water conservation and containing jhumming at his office chamber on Monday in which the Garo Students Union, Mothers’ Union, Nokmas Council, School principals, church elders, senior citizens took part.

The meeting discussed various reasons for water wastage and the gross misuse of the commodity by certain individuals, car wash centres, and other causes.

It has been decided through the promulgation of Section 144 that river water will not be allowed for use by car wash centres, individuals for their personal use and dumping of sewage from toilets.

The Deputy commissioner has ordered that anyone polluting the water would be fined anything between Rs 500/- to Rs. 5000/- with immediate effect.

He also informed that no individual can claim ownership of the stream by depriving others by way of pumping water directly from the source and stern action would be taken against the offenders. There are several households, including government officials, who are allegedly pumping water from the fragile streams which already are depleted in their resource volume.