HDR downplays ‘common candidate’ move

By Our Reporter

SHILLONG: Projecting himself as the saviour of the poor and the downtrodden, Home Minister HDR Lyngdoh has downplayed the move of some political parties to field a ‘common candidate’ to defeat him in the coming Assembly polls.

The political parties — UDP, BJP, NCP, KHNAM and LJP — have decided to field the project manager of Meghalaya Government Construction Corporation (MGCC) Breston Kharphuli, who will be contesting on a UDP ticket, to take on Lyngdoh.

According to Lyngdoh, he is not so much bothered about the ‘big fishes’ which is the combination of non-Congress political parties as his attention is towards small fishes which are his electorate.

“I believe in the power of the people who are poor and downtrodden. I am always available to them and they know this,” Lyngdoh claimed.

The Congress leader went to the extent of saying that he was even ready to die for the sake of the people of his Sohiong constituency.

Lyngdoh , however, welcomed the decision of other political parties to field a common candidate.

“I am not taking the challenge lightly and in election, I cannot be complacent”, Lyngdoh added.

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