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North Eastern States show items in NER Agri Expo in Dimapur


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Dimapur: Various states from the North Eastern States have brought in several items for exhibition as well as selling purpose to the ongoing 3rd North Eastern Region Agri Expo at Dimapur, which was declared open on Thursday.

The items are touted to be popular in their own states, however, most of the North East states brought only little more than samples of their items owing to transportation problem. Their participation was to create future linkages for marketing various produces and items.

The most popular item at the NE states Pavilion was oranges from Arunachal Pradesh which was sold out within two hours. The other item is Kiwi which is also fast selling out.

At the Assam stall, the exhibitors said their most popular item is the Mustard seed chutney.

The distinctive feature of the chutney is that it is without chilly content yet hot and sold for Rs 10 per 90 gm. Tripura brought Hybrid True Potato seed besides other items and is being sold for Rs 200 per 10 gm.

Mizoram’s most popular item is Oil Palm. Mizoram officials said their state already has 10, 000 hectares land plantation of oil palm and factories are setting up accordingly. Sikkim will be selling cardamom at the rate of Rs 800-1000 towards the end of the Expo.

Nagaland Department of horticulture is exhibiting varieties of orchids at their stall which is accommodated at the NE states Pavilion. Bamboo frames, trays were the attractive items at the Nagaland Bamboo Mission stall. Department of forest, environment, ecology and wildlife also was accommodated at the NE states pavilion. Multi-purpose medicine made of 50-60 herbal plants having anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, anti-typhoid, anti-malaria properties was also on sale in the stall. (UNI)


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