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The Principle and Significance behind the Seng Khasi Flag


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By Devistone Swer


According to Khasi Mythology once it so happened, since time immemorial that the Sun (sun considered as feminine gender in khasi) has withdrawn herself from shedding any light or ray and hiding in the twilight, beyond the galaxy and the earth that time was engulfed with total/complete darkness. Under the reign of darkness every aim and thought on earth that time went out of gear and subjected to constant jolt & threat. Under the given situation, the sense of extreme emptiness & helplessness of each & every creature living on earth including man himself, toughing the innermost core was felt and finally the Law of Necessity came into play.

Under the operation of the aforesaid Law eventually, the General Grand Durbar was convened to diagnose the cause of complete darkness and untold suffering and to recommend necessary remedy to ameliorate this. On the appointed day of the Durbar, after serious deliberation, the cause was isolated which is of course nothing but, “Ka siar ka lait kylla” or extreme indulgence against self consciousness. Having discovered the reason, extreme sense of guilt and remorse was felt but the question now is who would bell the cat and bring back the Sun. It is here that one can discern the native wisdom and capability of each and every creature high or low who were subjected to the real test.

The process of identification and selection of the most suitable candidate as the ambassador to convey the wishes of the General Grand Durbar to her Majesty- the Sun started vigorously. Initially muscular, gigantic candidates like elephants, tigers etc were voted and chosen in turn, but all of them failed miserably in their attempt. Thereafter, the most intelligent and attractive creature like the hornbill was proposed and the same proposal was proudly accepted by him. But unfortunately, the most tragic episode happened. The shrewd hornbill who has been looking for an opportunity for long decided to take undue advantage of the same. While approaching to convey the message to the Throne (of the Sun) the hornbill started enticing her. Slighted by this misbehaviour and malicious intention, the Sun without uttering a word, simply punched the hornbill on the neck and forcefully pushed him up to fly headlong forever with a twisted neck along with asthmatic snore. The experience of the hornbill has further stricken greater fear and panic and the Durbar once again was entangled in dilemma and found no other option. As a last resort, the Durbar was compelled to issue the Order, commanding the cock living and hiding in isolation like a hermit in the most Inaccessible caves of dense forest to undertake the task and finally the resolution emerged, declared and unanimously adopted thus. That the naked Fakir, U Malymboit Malymbiang (Cock) should be clothed and dressed with the best attires and embellished with the best cosmetics on earth to dignify his personality and stature with pomp and grandeur and then to command Him to restore the lost glory, the light of the sun. The Resolution so adopted was faithfully and properly executed without wasting any time. The poor and gullible cock, reported the pathetic state of affairs in full details, praying and bowing with all humility and submission before the Highness. The sincere and convincing approach of the cock evoked spontaneous and response from the Sun. Thus once again the ray of hope and light peeped, glowed and kissed the earth after prolonged intervals and when that happens, the dance and rejoicing happens on earth and extends beyond descriptions.

Henceforth, the picture of a cock, has naturally been depicted as Spiritual Symbol of our Race from generation to generation in all spheres of life and consequently, the Seng Khasi flag is accordingly designed, constructed and adopted, with the picture of the cock in the centre of white circle (World) to remind, guide, instruct and inspire us, as a race to sally forth in the path of truth, honour and dignity and to earn righteousness in each and every thought, word and deed, as destined by the divine spark since “Ka Aiom Ksiar”, or the golden Era.

In conclusion, it may be recalled that the Seng Kut Snem is knocking at our doors and therefore, I take the liberty to cordially invite every esteemed reader to kindly spare their valuable time and attend the celebration of Seng Kut Snem on 23/11/2012 at Madan Weiking Shillong where the grand function is usually held. I also wish all readers a very Happy Seng Kut Snem.


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