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Tura sets 1000-Chigring record


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From Our Correspondent

People take part at the 1000-Chigring ensemble in Tura on Wednesday. (ST)

TURA: History was created in Tura on Wednesday when 1000 Chigring (a Garo traditional stringed Bamboo musical instrument) artists performing en masse in a unique and one of its kind ensemble at Chandmary playground to herald the upcoming Ahaia Winter Festival that begins on Thursday, made a mark in the Limca Book of World Records.

The event was organized by the district administration in collaboration with the Arts and Culture department and the Achik Cultural Society to revive the art of playing traditional musical instruments, especially the Chigring.

Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma attended the spectacular feat as the chief guest while Home Minister H D R Lyngdoh was the guest of honour.

However, the much anticipated orchestra was handicapped by poor lighting of the venue which literally cast a dark spell over the entire programme leading to one of the guests of honour to pass a remark over the electrification.

Former minister Meriam D Shira lamented the poor lighting of the venue that contributed to the limited coverage of the participants. Her remarks drew the attention of several people in the crowd who cheered her statement when she said much was needed to be done to provide adequate limelight for such an important event. Home Minister H D R Lyngdoh who went up to the podium to address the crowd was also taunted by some who shouted him down. “We don’t want politicians’ lecture. We want to see the Chigrings play,” said some of the members in the crowd which was followed by applaud by others much to the embarrassment of the Home Minister. The participants of the Chigring orchestra, numbering a thousand artists, produced a thirty minute display while the audience clapped and shouted each time they introduced a new and different number.There are plans to hold a ten thousand Chigring ensemble in the coming year, according to the organizers.Chief Minister, Dr Sangma said that it was a historic occasion for the people of Garo Hills and the government is in a constant endeavor to ensure that the energies of the youth are channelised in the right direction. The ensemble of the 1000 odd Chigring players is a testimony of the government building partnership with the people, he said while adding that the budgetary allocation for Art and Culture and Sports has increased manifold. He also informed that 15 musical institutes and Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural Centres which will also be tourist promotion centers will soon be established across the state. The 1000 Chigring ensemble is a powerful statement of Achik pride and a day of proclamation to the world that no instrument is more sonorous than the Chigring, stated Pravin Bakshi as he commended the organizers.


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