Daughter richer than CM, wife

By Our Reporter

SHILLONG: Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma’s daughter, Miani D Shira, surpasses her parents in possession of movable assets as featured in the affidavit filed by Dr Sangma, which states that she has Rs 6.5 crore while her father and mother have gross total value of movable assets worth Rs 81 lakh and Rs 2.1 crore respectively.

Miani also has many saving accounts to her name amounting to Rs 3.72 crore.

Miani also owns a huge fleet of 13 vehicles including 5 numbers of Tata 1109, one Tata 709, one Earth Mover TNT and 7 numbers of Tata S 4X4 with a gross worth of Rs 2.85 crore.

Two other dependents, Rakchira D Shira and Rachael D Shira have deposits Rs 11 lakh and Rs 1.9 lakh respectively.

A Mitsubishi Pajero worth Rs 22 lakh, Maruti Gypsy (ML 09 3044) purchased in 2006 worth Rs 1 lakh and a Fiat Palio (ML 05 D 5498) purchased in 2003 worth Rs 5.50 lakh, a .32 bore revolver worth Rs 80,000 and other movable and immovable assets worth crores of rupees have been declared by Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma in his affidavit, while his wife, Dikkanchi Shira, also a crorepati, is a owner of several coal mines in the State.

Interestingly, both the Chief Minister and his wife have mentioned their profession as social workers.

The affidavit filed by the Chief Minister mentions that he possesses Rs 5 lakh cash in hand and several bank accounts with savings amounting to Rs 45 lakh. Besides owning many vehicles Dr Sangma also owns jewellery worth Rs 25,000.

While the Chief Minister has movable assets worth Rs 81 lakh, his wife has Rs 5 lakh cash in hand and has many saving accounts to her name in many banks.

Her total savings amount to Rs 1.2 crore. She owns jewellery worth Rs 75,000 and two vehicles – a Honda CRB (ML 08 A 9167) purchased in 2007 worth Rs 18 lakh and a Tata DI (ML 05 G 3729) purchased in 2009 worth Rs 4.58 lakh.

The Chief Minister owns large acres of non-agricultural land used for teak and arecanut plantations worth Rs 13.5 lakh, while his wife owns many coal mines in Garo Hills and West Khasi Hills which have been let out on lease worth Rs 1.20 crore. There are also many acres of non-agricultural land in Garo Hills, Ri Bhoi and Assam worth Rs 70 lakh owned by her.

She also owns a 5472 sq ft land for commercial buildings at Tura Bazaar purchased in 2003 worth Rs 10 lakh and many inherited and self acquired residential buildings in Shillong, Tura and New Delhi worth Rs 1.5 crore. Her husband owns a 1200 sq ft land for residential building at Ampati purchased in 1992 worth Rs 12 lakh and 1797 sq ft land at Guwahati worth Rs 20 lakh.

Shira also owns many inherited, gifted and self acquired plots of land at Garo Hills worth Rs 68 lakh.

The total current market value of Shira’s immovable possessions is Rs 4.18 crore while that of Dr Sangma is Rs 62 lakh.

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