Post-poll violence continues in Nagaland and Tripura


Kohima: The post-poll related incidents were reported in some parts of Nagaland where supporters of various candidates indulged in violence here.

According to sources in Mokokchung district, tension increased between supporters of rival parties from Ungma and Kupza villages.

Sources said reports were received of water pipelines damaged, roads blocked and a virtual black out in Kupza village.

In Wokha, a group of people destroyed a water tank and water supply pipes at Rachan colony on Friday. Over 100 households were affected, as water pipes supplying water to the colony were completely destroyed. Tension in some areas of other districts was also reported.

In Mon town, severe water crisis gripped the entire town as following destruction of the main water pipeline by supporters of defeated candidate of Mon Town Assembly Constituency.

The President of the Konyak Students Union (KSU) Methna Konyak said the student community, particularly, even as they sit for the HSLC and HSSLC examinations, which began Friday, have been under severe stress as they are seen often engaged in fetching water.

“This water scarcity has hit the residents of the Mon town and it greatly disturbs our student community as most of the time they roam around to find water leaving aside their study time,” he said.

Explaining the pathetic condition of acute water scarcity, Methna said some miscreants had damaged the water pipelines coming from Chi and Lengha Villages to Mon town.

This had badly affected the water supply forcing residents to search for water elsewhere, he pointed out.

He appealed to the people of Chi and Lengha to help prevent recurrence of such unwanted activities by miscreants, Methna also urged the concerned department to immediately look into the matter as a large number of students have particularly been severely affected by the situation.

Meanwhile in Tripura, Congress held a silent protest rally on Saturday on Agartala Street against continuous post-poll violence for past ten days on opposition supporters and workers.

Despite appeal from Chief Minister, ruling CPI-M had failed to restrain it cadres from atrocities and criminal activities on innocent opposition supporters and now congress launched movement, alleged congress Spokesperson Dr Ashok Sinha.

“As many as 2300 opposition families were fell victims of post poll violence across the state that resulted death of six persons including two ladies and more than 200 houses were burnt and 100 party offices either burnt or captured by CPI-M cadres after announcement of election result on Feb 28,” Dr Sinha stated.

He however, pointed out that daily wage earners, drivers, cleaners and casual employees of different public offices who were voted against left front had been prevented from the works and most of them were discontinued from service by the leaders.

The party had also boycotted the oath taking ceremony yesterday protesting against post poll violence and the congress legislators would take oath on Monday, he stated adding that congress would intensify movement unless the violence stop immediately.

The issue has also brought to the notice of Governor and President of India. (UNI)