Load-shedding solutions from school students

From Eric Calvin Ranee

 NONGPOH: With the State reeling under load-shedding once again, the innovative idea of a group of school students led by their teacher from Alpha Higher Secondary School, Nongpoh can come to the aid of the people to sail through the present power crisis.

Participating in the 40th Jawaharlal Nehru National Science and Environment Exhibition – 2013 (District Level) at Science Hall, here on Friday, the School led by its teacher Madhav Singh and students Aman Kr Singh, Nizamuddin Ansari, Azharuddin Ansari and Shining Star Syiem exhibited a device christened as Mady Light which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Organised by the office of the District School Education Officer, Nongpoh, the theme of the exhibition was Science and Society with the sub-theme– Natural Resources and Their Conservation. Altogether 12 schools participated in the event.

Talking to The Shillong Times, the teacher, Singh

said, “The model named as Mady Light can help us meet the challenge of scarcity of electricity by reducing its use and also helps us save and store electrical energy by mechanical method.”

One of the students Syiem said a ceiling fan, circular iron ring plate, T-shaped iron plate, one straight iron plate, rubber, cycle dynamo, charging battery (6 volts) and charging light are the materials used to make the model.

Describing how to make the model, Singh said that first of all the ceiling fan is taken and the iron ring plate is fixed on the main body of the fan. The T- shaped iron plate is then fixed on the body of the fan. After that a straight plate is fixed along with the cycle dynamo, the mouth of which is attached with the circular iron plate. One end of the wire is connected to the dynamo while the other end is connected to the chargeable battery (6 volt) even as a charging light is connected to the battery.

Asked about how the Mady Light works, Syiem said that rotation of the fan makes the dynamo rotate and current is generated. “It is a dual function system and an innovative device designed by our Science teacher which is unique in itself,” he said.

On the uniqueness of the model, Singh said that this device can save, conserve energy and generate energy.

“This device is designed in a way that whenever the ceiling fan is switched on, the rotation of the fan will make the dynamo, which is fitted on the fan, to rotate and generate current which is stored in a chargeable battery,” Singh said.

“After the battery is fully charged it can be used when there is no power supply and this current can be used by LED light which consumes very less electricity,” he added.

The device which can be built at a cost of around Rs 450-500 can be easily fitted in the ceiling fan.

Singh said that the device can prevent wastage of natural resources like water and save, conserve and generate energy.

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