NEEPCO power dues yet to be cleared

By Our Reporter

 SHILLONG: Despite having pending dues of Rs 244 crore, the State Government has not taken any steps to clear the dues of NEEPCO.

Sources in NEEPCO on Tuesday informed that the Government is yet to deposit any amount for clearing of the pending dues.

“We cannot resume transmission of power to the MeECL unless the dues are cleared,” sources said.

Meanwhile, in a public notice published in the newspapers, NEEPCO has stated that in the agreement signed in November, 2012, MeECL had concurred to clear the accumulated dues in 24 equal installments along with the regular monthly dues.

“The MeECL failed to abide by this agreement. As on date, the dues of MeECL have accumulated to Rs 244 crore. Under these circumstances, we have been compelled to impose power regulation on MeECL with effect from April 25 last,” NEEPCO said.

Despite MeECL status as a constant defaulter, NEEPCO said that they have imposed regulation of power supply from two power stations out of seven generating stations (Assam Gas based power station and Agartala Gas Turbine power station).

Even though the regulated power amounts to approximately 32 MW of the total allocation to Meghalaya, NEEPCO in the public notice said that they still continue to supply approximately 74 MW during the peak hours from the remaining power stations to Meghalaya.

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