Absconding ex-KSU leader denies allegations

SHILLONG: Former KSU leader Anthony Kharbuli, who is being hunted by the Police for airing his views on ILP at Jaiaw student’s field on Sunday said that the Government should form special courts for corruption cases involving Ministers and officers and not for the agitating NGOs.

Police tried to arrest Kharbuli on Saturday while he was on his way to attend a marriage ceremony at Nongthymmai Nongshiliang church.

“Some policemen in civil dress blocked my car while I was coming to Church and I told them that they can arrest me after the church service is over”, Kharbuli told reporters. Denying media reports that he escaped from the arrest of the policemen, who were waiting outside the Church for the marriage ceremony to be over to apprehend him, Kharbuli said that he was very much present after the marriage ceremony, but he did not find any police men.

Kharbuli also questioned the stand of the police in coming to the church premises to arrest him.

“I am very much available in Malki and I do not understand the logic behind police following me to the Church”, Kharbuli said.

Police wanted to question Kharbuli for his speech delivered on September 25 at Jaiaw student’s field during the pro-ILP rally of women NGOs, CSWO and KWWADA.

Kharbuli claimed that the view of the police that he was making a speech of communal tone before the gathering was not true as he was only highlighting the need of implementing ILP to protect the indigenous people.

After the gathering, there were incidents of stone pelting at Motphran which resulted in injury to several women constables.

Kharbuli, however, said that there was no stone pelting at Motphran on September 25.

He said the NGOs and people should continue to fight for the implementation of ILP in a democratic way and he also urged all the legislators to join hands to fight for the implementation of ILP.

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