HNLC warns JH coal businessmen

Outfit blames JHADC, Pala, police for land disputes

JOWAI: The outlawed Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) on Sunday issued a direct warning to coal traders doing business in Briwar, Samasi and Nongkhlieh areas of East Jaintia Hills District asking them to refrain from getting involved in land disputes.

In a statement issued to the media on Sunday, HNLC publicity secretary Sainkupar Nongtraw said that the “show of strength by coal traders has given rise to various criminal activities which are affecting the normal life of the common people in the entire area.”

The outfit pointed out that recently two trucks loaded with coal were torched in the area, while earlier many innocent people have been shot at and assaulted by miscreants. The HNLC blamed police for not taking any action in those cases despite receiving numerous complaints.

The HNLC also blamed the JHADC for keeping quiet on the issue for so long. The outfit claimed that the JHADC was issuing documents to different parties for the same plot of land, which is the main source of land dispute in the area.

“Interestingly Member of Parliament Vincent H Pala, who is himself a coal baron from the area, has never raised a word against such activities which has disturbed peace and harmony in the entire area,” the statement said.

“The MP is talking about peace outside India, whereas he has failed to raise the same issue in his own area,” the HNLC added.

The HNLC also threatened to take stern action against four persons – Begin Paslein, Heimon Manar, Stephan Rymbai and Jamris Rymbai. “They are contract killers and trouble makers. Because of them, the people in Samasi, Briwar and Nongkhlieh areas are not safe,” the HNLC alleged.

“We want the law to take it own course of action; but if the law fails, we will have no other option but to take action on our own,” the statement warned.

The HNLC urged the people of the area to provide information on the movement of Begin Paslein, Jamrish Rymbai, Haimon Manar and Stephan Rymbai.

The HNLC, further, said that it has the responsibility of bringing peace and harmony in the area and are unhappy to see that people from the same community are creating trouble in their own society.

‘”It is surprising that despite various court orders on the land disputes, the police have failed to act on any of these orders. We all know that the police are making money in these areas. They have turned Briwar into a battle field for the common people, while they themselves make money just like the highways where they are resorting to daylight extortion from truckers,” the HNLC said.

The HNLC also urged its former and surrendered leaders (SHNLC) not to get carried away by political hype but to exercise control and act against those who are against the HNLC and trying to forcibly snatch away the rights of the weaker section of the society.

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