Not fair this!


December is the month we celebrate the festival of love, joy, hope and coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is also the period we wait with anticipated breath to welcome the New Year with hope and aspiration for a good and prosperous year ahead. During this month we also celebrate the death anniversaries of two stalwarts of the Khasi and Jaintia community U SOSO THAM [December 18] a poet laureate of the Khasis and U WOH KIANG NANGBAH [December 30] the renowned Jaintia freedom fighter and a valiant martyr. But what appalled me was the preferential treatment in paying rich tributes to these great figures of the Khasi and Pnar community. The Dorbar Shnong Lama Villa commemorated only the death anniversary of U Soso Tham and did not feel the necessity to honour the contributions of u Woh Kiang Nangbah. Members of the Dorbar Shnong may I kindly remind you that Lama Villa is a locality where residents are largely the indigenous Khasi-Jaintia community and they have been living in perfect harmony since time immemorial. This action has raised many eyebrows and it has hurt the sentiments of a particular section of the community of Lama Villa. I personally fear that this kind of partiality will make Kiang Nangbah lost not just in time but in history also. The famous Khasi song, “Khynriam u Pnar u Bhoi u War U dei u paid Khasi ba iar” may have to be rewritten if this kind of insensitivity prevails. I humbly urge the Dorbar Shnong to kindly ensure that the Community’s historical figures are honoured and remembered equal respect as they deserve.

Yours etc.,

Name withheld on request

Gullible media!


I am amused by the news item that several thousand supporters of a former Congress politician have joined the National Peoples’ Party led by PA Sangma and his family in Meghalaya. Why does the media in this State and region lack objectivity and the power to analyse a situation. Was the media present during this baptism ceremony of the so-called “thousands” into the NPP or was the news based on a press release of the Party? One can understand a political party trying to jack up the numbers of it supporters but why should the media do the brainless thing of not checking facts? Shame!

Yours etc.,

R. Lyngkhoi,

Via email

NEIGRIHMS interview manipulated


In response to Advt. No. NEIGR-E-II/9/2012 dated 16/06/2013, we as eligible candidates had applied for the post of senior library and information assistant in NEIGRIHMS, Shillong. It was clearly mentioned in the advertisement that experience required was minimum period of two years and in case candidates applying are too large in number those with higher percentage marks will be short-listed We were therefore surprised to know that candidates securing less than fifty percent marks were called for the interview whereas candidates securing first class with over two years experience were rejected. It was more surprising to know that all candidates already working in NEIGRIHMS (on contractual basis) some of whom possess very low percentage of marks were called for the interview. If the said post was meant for the candidates already working there then why did the concerned authority advertise for the post? We have also noticed that NEIGRIHMS has been updating the list of selected and rejected candidates (with genuine reasons) for various posts in its official website but updating for the said post was not done.

On inquiry from the Recruitment Cell, Establishment section II, It was shocking to know that some of us who had submitted complete applications were told that our applications were incomplete and that some of our experience certificates were missing.

We therefore request the concerned authority to investigate as to who is responsible for manipulation of documents that we had already submitted. The concerned person may be having personal preferences for her/his own favoured candidates.

We would also like to request the concerned authority to short list the applications of all the candidates so as to provide justice to the deserving candidates and kindly give clarification through the media before the matter becomes serious and is taken to higher levels.

Yours etc.,

Concerned candidates

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