DC orders status quo

Dispute over community land under Raid Tynring

NONGPOH: Following the vandalism case which took place at Wah Swat under Ri Bhoi District on Monday, the District Administration imposed a status quo order on the case to both the parties to ensure that no untoward incident in the future occurred until the case was solved.
On Monday, angry mobs surrounded and vandalized the house and property of four villagers of the Wah Swat due to the alleged land dispute between the residents of seven villages and the Raid Tynring, East Khasi Hills. The affected victims were identified as Skhir Nongrum, Kjersila Nongrum, Phidirbon Nongrum and Iohkynti Marboh.
It may be mentioned that the incident occurred on the issue of land dispute on which the Sordar Raid Tynring claimed that the seven villages (Kyrdeng, Lumdiengngan, Wah Myntait, Lumrit, Mawkduk, Mawkynring and Lumkseh) were under the jurisdiction of the Raid but the Synjuk ki Dorbar Hynniew Shnong strongly denied the claim.
The situation worsened when the High Court verdict of March 31 went in favor of the Sordar of the Raid, due to which the residents of four villages Lumdiengngan, Mawkdup, Wahmyntait and Kyrdeng went to Wahswat and vandalized four houses.
To take stock on the situation, the District administration on Wednesday invited both the parties to settle the problem.
Ri Bhoi District ADM, PS Kharkongngor informed that the District Administration has imposed the order of status quo to both the parties for maintaining peace and tranquility and to prevent any untoward incident, adding that, “any penetrators who violate the law will not be entertained and if they continue to violate the law, stern action will be taken against them”.
Moreover, the villagers of the seven villages under the banner of Synjuk Ki Dorbar Hynniew Shnong has not shown their interest toward the compromise but strongly protested to the assurance of the District Administration on fair judgement through the High Court and put forward their view for not handing over an inch of land to the Raid Tynring and if the four families continue to reside in Wah Swat, they will have to face stern action.
The affected families from Wah Swat had lodged an FIR regarding the incident against and demanded the authority to take action against the villagers besides offering compensation for their loss.

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