State BJP showing false empathy


I find the reaction of the State BJP to the anarchy in Garo Hills duplicitous and unrealistic. By refusing to declare it as a disturbed area, BJP has opted for opportunism over honesty. Instead of adopting a realistic attitude and calling for strong measures, it has chosen to politicize the issue and wring maximum benefit by showing false empathy. The people of Garo Hills will not forgive them for this cowardly decision to prolong their pain. It is unworthy of the BJP to have visionary leaders like Narendra Modi serve in the same party as the hypocritical BJP leaders in our state. It’s time for BJP to induct fresh faces into the state leadership who are honest, dynamic and pro-people. Let them not take left-overs and turncoats from other parties. The current leaders are like vultures waiting for Garo Hills to die so they can use it against the Government. The fact that innocent people are being killed every day while they twiddle their thumbs matters little to the petty politicians of our State, be they from Congress, BJP or anywhere else.

Yours etc.,

Terence Marak


Crime pays in Meghalaya


“No matter what we do people will still be unhappy” , so says Director General of Police PJP Hanaman. This statement, more than any other, speaks volumes about the widening chasm between police and public in Meghalaya, especially in Garo Hills. The state police chief has stated on record there is no public confidence in his force. The credibility and effectiveness of his police force has been demolished as a result. But at the same time he objects to declaring a disturbed area as ‘disturbed area’. This is most puzzling. That the police have failed in Garo Hills is there for all the world to see. One can debate upon the reasons for their failure, but that doesn’t change the fact in any way. Yet the DGP objects to bringing in the army, the only force which can restore law and order in the shortest time. Is this because Hanaman fears that he will be sidelined if the army takes over? Isn’t he therefore putting his own interests above the interests of the citizens he has sworn to serve? The poor people in Garo Hills are crying out for help. But our politicians and policemen are more interested in playing power politics than doing what is right. They appear more keen to safeguard the rights of criminals than honest citizens, thanks to interference from crooked politicians and NGOs. I say, declare Garo Hills as a Disturbed Area immediately and let the army do its job. And Mr Chief Minister and Mr DGP, STOP PAYING MONEY TO CRIMINALS to “surrender” just so you can look good. Stop negotiating with murderers, for God’s sake, and do your job honestly. What kind of message are you sending to our children – “Crime pays! Be a Career Criminal and enjoy Govt perks”? Shame on you both.

Yours etc

Gilmore. Momin


Global warmer of the year


Vincent Pala wears many hats – engineer, politician, billionaire businessman and coal baron among others. it is easy to see which hat he was wearing when wrote to the Prime Minister asking to roll back the NGT Ban. Personally, I think Pala has lost touch with reality. He appears to be in denial mode – a psychological condition brought about by extreme shock. He refuses to accept the dangers and take responsibility for the incalculable damage he has caused by plying his trade in a ruthless manner. He gives the impression of a drowning man clutching at straws, so desperate is he to reopen the tap of ill-gotten riches. If there was an award for Irresponsible Citizen and Global Warmer of the Year, my vote would go to Vincent Pala.

Yours etc.,

Janice Lyngdoh

Shillong -4

Canadian mining?


Apropos the news item “Canada-based firm assures safe mining of uranium,” it is interesting to note that Canada is a country with the richest deposit of Uranium and many other minerals and natural resources. Of course, with time they’ve also developed sophis-ticated machines and techniques to safely mine various minerals. I would agree that according to their standard it will be the safest kind of mining techniques. Well, in view of the present ban on “rat-hole” mining in the state, my question is why not ask them to help in imparting practical knowledge about safe scientific mining of coal and maybe even help in the development of the process. In the case of uranium mining, in my personal opinion let the subject mature first before the Government plunges into it, since many are still opposed to uranium mining. Let people understand the safety measure first before taking the risk.

Yours etc.,

F Diengdoh,

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