Mizoram records 44 cyber crimes in 6 years

 Aizawl: With three cases of cyber crimes registered during the last one-and-a-half month, Mizoram has witnessed 44 cyber crimes since 2009.
The first case of cyber crime was registered on May 20, 2009, which involved a pastor.
The pastor filed a complaint to the police that his email account was hacked by unknown person(s).
The hackers, who were later found to be Nigerian nationals, had asked the pastor’s friends for US dollar 2,500, pretending that he (the pastor) lost his wallet in a London hotel. The pastor discovered this when some of friends called him up and inquired about it.
One more case was registered in 2009. The number of cyber crimes rose to three in 2010, then to five in 2011. From four cases in 2012, the number jumped to nine in 2013. As many as 18 cases were registered during last year, police said.
The rate of cheating women through social networking sites has been increasingly fast since recent time, CID sources said. As per the record of Cyber Crime Cell under Mizoram Police, the highest number of cases registered so far during 2009 – 2014 were against pornography and sex video.
“Cyber Crime has been increasing rapidly and recently the number of monetary cheating of women by some miscreants has been prominent through social networking sites.
Women are vulnerable to their unknown male friends. They have been often cheated with polite behaviour through social networking site like facebook”, a police official said.
The CID sources said that recently a woman registered a case when allegedly found herself cheated by another woman through a social networking site.
The woman was sent a big parcel by her cheater.
She realized that she had been cheated when she was asked to pay huge amount for the parcel.
Apart from such incidents, bullying cases which deserve no serious case are common currently. Of these cases monetary fraud through SMS, Whatapps, Facebook and other social networking sites is most common. “Women were being either teased or negotiated in a friendly gesture to pay money”, the CID sources said.
Generally, the occurrence of cyber crime is mostly connected with debauchery, monetary fraud and thirst for revenge.
In Mizoram cyber crime is used for disgracing rival and immoral enjoyment. Besides, pornography and copyright reserve cases are also common. (UNI)

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