GNLA ambush claims 2 cops

GH unrest: Teenaged dacoit executed
TURA: Two unarmed police personnel on a motorcycle heading into Williamnagar town from their anti-militancy camp across the Simsang river were ambushed by suspected GNLA militants who opened indiscriminate fire from close range killing both of them on Thursday afternoon.
The daring incident took place at around 2:30 pm when Battalion constables Kundan Dalu and Helpingstone Nongkseh were coming from their camp at nearby Bolkingre village and heading towards Williamnagar town to purchase some rations on a motorcycle.
The two policemen, who had been unarmed and were in civilian clothes, was passing through a forest area outside of Chachatgre village and were not far from the hanging bridge which connects Nokil Awe Kosi locality of the town when unidentified number of suspected GNLA militants attacked them after laying in ambush.
Police personnel deployed at the Bolkingre camp, less than 2 kms away, heard the burst of automatic fire from the direction of the road their two colleagues had taken less than ten minutes ago. They rushed to the spot only to find both men lying in a pool of blood.
“The attackers fired indiscriminately from close range as the bodies had many bullet wounds,” said a police official who visited the spot where the ambush took place.
Police found bread and other eatables left behind in a jungle patch near the ambush site indicating that the attackers had laid in wait for quite some time.
Teenage dacoit executed by rebels: The daring ambush by GNLA comes less than a day after another group of Garo militants suspected to belong to the A’chik Matgrik Elite Force (AMEF) executed a teenage boy who was alleged to be part of a gang of highway robbers.
AMEF militants are learnt to have come across a gang of robbers in Darugre area of Rongjeng in East Garo Hills on Wednesday night and reportedly gave chase catching up with one of the gang members who had in his possession a dummy AK rifle.
The militants shot dead the teenage gang member and left behind his body along with the dummy rifle on the side of the road. The deceased has been identified as a school going student by the name of Ramseng G Momin.
Retired teacher abducted: On the same evening, a retired teacher of a primary school in Rongjeng was kidnapped after he went out for a walk in the evening.
60-year-old Binalson D Sangma of Rongjeng town had left home for his daily evening walk on Wednesday when he was whisked away by unidentified men. He remains untraced.
Nokma kidnapped and assaulted: In another incident the Nokma of a village in Chokpot region of South Garo Hills was severely assaulted by a group of armed men who kidnapped him on Wednesday night.
Four armed men came to the house of the Nokma of Deku village, Prinstone Ch Marak, at around 9 pm. They ordered him out of the house and took him away from the village after which they began to assault him with sticks and the butt of a rifle. He was found by the villagers who went in search of him. He was later taken to Tura civil hospital for medical treatment.

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