Trade point close to Bhutan unfazed by demonetisation

Guwahati: Even as the people in the entire Northeast region are facing the liquidity crunch post demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes by the government of India, a small trading centre at far flung Dadgiri close to India-Bhutan border in Baksa district of Assam has remained hardly affected.
It has become possible because the traders and people in the area are using Bhutan currency for trading in place of Indian currency.
The India and Bhutan currencies are valued at par and it has helped people in Dadgiri to use Bhutan currency in view of crisis of India currency notes.
The area has no ATM and bank branch within 60-65 kilometer radius.
The border market at Dadgiri is the sole trading point in the area for the people on both sides of the  international border.
People from Bhutan come to the market to buy vegetables, food items and other essentials while traders from Bhutan to come down here to trade various items.
Meanwhile, a police source in Baksa district informed that police have set up check points close to India-Bhutan border in Baksa district so that demonetized Indian currency notes could not be smuggled out  into Bhutan by unscrupulous elements.

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