State Congress protests Centre’s ‘ill-timed’ demonetisation move

Immature move by NDA Govt: MPCC president

State Congress leaders and party workers take part in the protest against the Centre’s demonetisation move, in the city on Monday. (ST)
State Congress leaders and party workers take part in the protest against the Centre’s demonetisation move, in the city on Monday. (ST)

SHILLONG: State Congress leaders and party functionaries on Monday organised a protest against the NDA government’s demonetization scheme.
Lashing out at the Union government for its ‘immaturity’ Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president, DD Lapang said, “The idea is not bad because we feel that black money should be rooted out but the timing and preparation is very untimely which shows the immaturity of projecting such an important scheme.”
Scores of Congress supporters shouted anti-NDA protests with chants of ‘Modi government down, down’, ‘BJP down, down’. Banners reading ‘India needs De-modisation’, ‘Demonetization-organized loot and legalized plunder’ were on display at the Dhankheti parking area.
Prominent Congress leaders like DD Lapang, AH Scott Lyngdoh, Zenith Sangma and Congress MDCs like Mansturdy Nongrem, PT Sawkmie, Donevan Wanlang and Lamphrang Blah participated in the protest.
Stating that the Congress is not trying to politicise the issue, the MPCC president highlighted the problems faced by the common man on the low purchasing power leading to dry markets, parents facing problem during examination time and farmers not being able to arrange seeds for the next season.
At the same time, he asserted that it is the festival and wedding season which has worsened things.
“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed in bringing the black money from outside and we will see how much successful he is. We cannot agree with the style, timing, implementation and the unpreparedness as it has hit the poor people who do not have their monthly salary,” Lapang said.
“Adding insult to injury, they bring high denomination money for which people have no money or change to give in return,” he added.
“It is not for any political image or to project political mileage. We appeal that the right thinking people should condemn the system and the procedure as it was harshly adopted without proper arrangement. AICC has given direction and will take the matter to every nook and corner of the state through the party functionaries with slogans and protests.”
When asked as to the delay in organising the protest, the MPCC president said the party does not want to protest in a hurry without rhyme or reason.
Replying to a query over the less number of protestors, Lapang downplayed the numbers and said other districts have also organised similar protests.
Zenith Sangma said, “We are protesting against the wrongdoings of the NDA government. They have messed up the situation and it is creating lots of difficulties affecting every household.”
Asserting that the BJP has admitted that it had messed up the matter, he said, “In the last meeting with the Union minister he has agreed that the GDP will be down by 2 per cent and there will be recession in the coming 6 months or one year. They have messed up and cannot repair the damages. There are BJP leaders who are helpless but somehow support the move.”
Underlining the issue of corruption in the State, he said that the government has worked towards eradicating corruption through initiatives of the Lokayukta Bill.
“BJP has in its campaign stated that Rs15 lakh will be deposited in the account of every household and to bring money from outside but it has turned out to be a hollow promise,” he added.

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