17-yr-old girl identifies culprits in Shillong jail

Mawryngkneng gang rape case

SHILLONG: The minor victim of Mawryngkneng rape case has identified all the accused in Shillong jail on Friday.It was on January 1 this year that the girl was gang raped by six persons.
During the test identification parade, the 17-year-old girl was asked to indentify six persons from among the 15 UTPs lined up at Shillong jail.
The six accused are Sanlang Kharlukhi, Rimon Surong, Requestor Mukhim (the younger brother of the headman of Mawryngkneng village), Shan Dkhar of Mynso in West Jaintia Hills district who is the driver of the local headman, Sanbhalang Mawthoh and Banlumlang Rynjah.

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