Guwahati registers highest number of cases of murder, abduction, robbery and theft


Guwahati: Watch out when you are in the bustling and happening Guwahati next time! The gateway to the North East and the biggest city of the region apparently does not seem to be a very safe one any longer, if one goes by the official crime statistics tabled in Assam Assembly on Monday by the government for the period from May 24 ,2016 to June 30, 2017.

Among all the police districts in Assam Guwahati registered highest number of 79 cases of murder during the period, highest number 723 cases of abduction, highest number of 306 cases of robbery and highest number of 3702 cases of theft and 74 cases of rape.

Situation is not so bright in many other districts too. The oldest tea city of eastern Assam Dibrugarh registered 68 cases of murder during the period, 43 cases of rape, 257 cases of abduction, 42 cases of robbery, 545 cases of theft.

Tinsukia, the second biggest commercial hub in the state after Guwahati, registered 69 cases of murder, 72 cases of rape, 249 cases of abduction, 48 cases of robbery and 752 cases of theft during the period.

The overall statewide scenario is that during the period Assam registered 1230 cases of murder, 1861 cases of rape, 7034 cases of abduction, 1058 cases of robbery and 14732 cases of theft.




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