Deserters will rue move after polls: Ronnie

SHILLONG: “There is a misconception that Congress will not come back to power and that all the leaders who are leaving Congress will regret their decision after the Assembly elections,” Urban Affairs Minister and Congress spokesperson, Ronnie V Lyngdoh said.
The statement came from the Congress leader after Comingone Ymbon resigned as the Cabinet minister on Monday to pave way to join the National People’s Party.
“This is their personal decision and we can’t stop them if they feel they can serve better in other ways,” Lyngdoh said.
However, he felt that leaders are leaving the Congress for greener pastures. “The self-centric politicians have joined politics not to serve the people and the state but to look for greener pastures,” Lyngdoh said.
Maintaining that the resignation of Ymbon just a few days before the Assembly session would not have any adverse affect on the party, Lyngdoh said they should realise they were given the mandate by the people as an MLA from Congress.
“They look for selfish goals and they will regret later,” he added.

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