Ri Bhoi voters elect all new faces except Victor Rani

NONGPOH: Electors in Ri Bhoi district have elected most new faces to the KHADC except  in 1-Jirang Constituency where they have re-elected Victor Rani of the NPP.

Charles Marngar (INC), Mawhati



Other elected MDCs from the district included Balajied Ranee of INC from 2-Nongpoh Constituency, Charles Marngar of INC from 3-Mawhati Constituency, Magdalene Sawkmie Mawlong of PDF from 4-Umsning Constituency and Rangkynsai Kharbuki of NPP from 5-Umroi Constituency.

The electorates of Ri Bhoi District had also shown their faith and trust in their Legislator (MLA’s) by electing the representative as MDC’s from the same party, which happened at Nongpoh Constituency where INC candidate won the seat, in Umsning Constituency the PDF won the seat and also at Jirang Constituency the NPP candidate won the seat, the legislator of these mentioned Constituency are from the same party.

Balajied Rani (INC), Nongpoh.

It is also to mentioned that, the electorates of the district had now elected newly lady representative as the MDC Magdalene Sawkmie Mawlong of Umsning Constituency and renew the face from Rona Khymdeit who was the sitting MDC of the Nongpoh Constituency.

In Jirang Constituency, Victor Ranee who secured the highest number of 12548 votes, humbled his closest rival and PDF candidate Witness Syngkli by a huge margin of 6401 vote.

Victor Ranee (NPP), Jirang.

Balajied Rani of INC defeated his closest rival and sitting MDC Rona Khymdeit of UDP by 3442 votes in 2-Nongpoh Constituency; in 4- Umsning Constituency Magdalene Sawkmie Mawlong defeated her rival Rocky Augustine Marwein of INC by a close margin of 262; in 5- Umroi Constituency Rangkynsai Kharbuki of NPP defeated his rival Micky Dauglas Syiem of INC by a close margin of 218 votes.

Rangkynsai Kharbuki (NPP), Umroi
Mrs Macdalyne Sawkmie Mawlong (PDF), Umsning

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