Newly-elected KHADC has veterans, first-timers as members

SHILLONG: The Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) will witness the old guards and Young Turks coming together in the next session following the verdict of the people in the polls held on Wednesday.

 The KHADC will have some of the first timers such as Charles Marngar, Macdalyn Sawkmie Mawlong, Ryngkatlang Lyndem, Alvin Khyriem Sawkmie, Mitchel Wankhar, Fantin Joseph Lakadong, Teiborlang Pathaw, Sherborlang Mawlong, Batskhem Ryntathiang, Jambor War, Carnes Sohshang, Nasar Marwein, Bajop Pyngrope.

The old guards who are expected to set the Council session afire with their experience in the political field include the likes of Martle Mukhim, Ronnie Lyngdoh, Paul Lyngdoh, who has never contested MDC polls earlier, has won the seat from Jaiaw was an MLA for two consecutive terms from Jaiaw constituency.

Some of the MDCs who came back are Teinwell Dkhar, Pynshngaiñlang Syiem, Titos Chyne, Latiplang Kharkongor, Grace Mary Kharpuri, Lamphrang Blah, Gabriel Wahlang.

Two MLAs who contested the elections, Lambor Malniang and Gigur Myrthong won the elections. Malniang was also a former MDC.

 The counting in Polo was for following constituencies: Sohryngkham, Mawkynrew, Nongkrem, Lyngkyrdem-Laitkroh, Nongshken, Mawsynram, Mylliem, Laban-Mawprem, Nongthymmai, Laitumkhrah, Mawkhar-Pynthorumkhrah, Jaiaw, Mawlai, Mawphlang-Diengiei, Nongspung-Sohiong.

Reporters caught up with some of the victorious candidates at Polo, Dalang Ground. This was what they had to say.

Paul Lyngdoh

Alleging the use of money power by the Congress in the elections, he attributed his victory to his supporters.  He said, “They see me not as a representative but as a leader. Politics in our state will witness an improvement with the quality of the people sent to the Council. This is not a playground but an institution to design the future of the indigenous people.” He has set his mind on improving the implementation of laws and to ensure that the state government and the district council should have cooperation and not confrontation. He argued the district council was not free from confrontations even if the same party rules the state government and the District Council.

Ronnie Lyngdoh

 The former minister who lost the last assembly election is back to the public platform as MDC of Mylliem. He told reporters about coming up with laws for the protection of the indigenous people. “The District Council is a guard against the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB). The District Council sustains the protection and preservation of tribal rights.” Asked, he pointed to the need to review the implementation of MDC schemes.

Martle Mukhim

Seen as a jovial man and known for his comic timing, he sprang a surprise by being re-elected after 11 years. Speaking to reporters, he said his priorities included “maintenance, protection, prevention, development, uplift of human resource politically, socially and economically so that people will go up to a level respected by other people. We all are now being looked down upon. I feel bad that people from outside are looking down upon us because of our image as administrators, politics and many other respects.” He also spoke about bringing an anti-defection Bill in the District Council.

Lambor Malniang

The sitting MDC from Nongkrem constituency has been re-elected. Stating that it is the decision of the electorate to elect him, he assured to continue his support for bringing effective Bills to protect traditional institutions, to prevent rampant issue of trading licenses etc.

Latiplang Kharkongor

 Elected as MDC of Nongthymmai for the third term, he pointed out the need to streamline the departments in the district Council. He said issues regarding trade, codification of laws and Land Bills has to be taken up.

Mitchel Wankhar

 The first time MDC from Laban-Mawprem who is pitted against local MLA Sanbor Shullai’s nephew, said his victory was not against Ricky but against Sanbor who has all along campaigned for Ricky. He spoke about bringing transparency and accountability in the constituency and assured to look into the Bills and continue opposing the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

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