Jemino warns of urban collapse

SHILLONG: Urban collapse is where Meghalaya is headed if there is no immediate intervention by the state government, UDP leader Jemino Mawthoh said citing the rapid urbanisation of Shillong city. “We need proper planning and thinking in this regard or else we are heading towards urban collapse,” said Mawthoh.
Stating that congestion and pollution are on the rise as the city is growing in leaps and bounds and expanding in all directions, he said, “People are complaining about traffic jams, not having the basics civic amenities, waste management problem. We really need to be serious as far as urban governance is concerned.”
Highlighting the urgent need to deal with urbanisation, Mawthoh said, “We have areas under Shillong Municipal and we also have townships outside the Shillong Municipal and if we look at Shillong Urban agglomeration, the population is increasing compared to areas outside the Municipal”. “If we are not getting the required funds for urban development we are definitely going to collapse,” Mawthoh added.
Reiterating that the city is on the verge of collapse, Mathoh said, “Talk about anything.  Be it the roads, waste management system, water scarcity, anything.  All these problems are there and I feel we really need to address the issues appropriately and the government needs to take a call now”.
“The problems are multiplying by the day and if there is no proper intervention at this point of time I think it will be very difficult for us in years to come,” he said adding, “How are we going to deal with all these issues that are faced by the urban people in Shillong and also other urban towns of the state”.

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