Pak min slammed for foul tweet on Modi’s b’day

Islamabad: Pakistan’s Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Hussain Chaudhry on Tuesday posted a nasty tweet on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday following which he was mercilessly trolled by Twitterati.
The motormouth Minister, who is known for making insensitive comments, tweeted: ‘Today reminds us the importance of contraceptives.’ #ModiBirthday
After this post, Chaudhry was slammed on the micro-blogging site.
“Today? Just one day in an year? While your tweets and face reminds us of importance of contraceptives 24×7, 365 days in an year,” posted one user.
“U do have a brain of a kid.. my goodness..and that’s the Minister of Science and Technology of Pakistan,” said another.
One tweet said: “Today also reminds us of what an embarrassment this government is — throwing insults at our neighbours like schoolchildren instead of actually doing their jobs properly.”
“So he knows of the existence of something called contraceptive! That itself is a surprise!
He should talk about it to his brethren ..!, tweeted a user. (PTI)
“Don’t Pakistanis feel ashamed that one of their federal ministers’ (of “Science and Technology” ) primary job seems to be trolling Indians. What ridiculous obsession while our Ministers mostly are not obssessing over Pakistan day-in day-out. Time to grow up? posted another.
Chaudhry is not new to being trolled.
Earlier this year, he had claimed that the Hubble Space Telescope was sent into space by the country’s aeronautics and aerospace research agency Suparco, instead of its US counterpart NASA.
A torrent of memes and trolling posts made its way to the Internet following Chaudhry’s slip-up that time.
“You have really surpassed all your predecessors. Just a few days under your patronage, we realized that Suparco has sent ‘hubal’ telescope into space.. Incredible. Mr PM ImranKhan should send such discoverer into space as a reward..!, a Twitter user had posted.
Ironically, Chaudhry, as Pakistan’s Information Minister, had said in November 2018 that “there are some politicians who are creating chaos on the ground and should be sent to space”. (IANS)

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