Karbi group seeks review of KAAC nomination

GUWAHATI : The Karbi Anglong Indigenous Youth Association has expressed strong reservations against the nomination of three non-tribals to the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) and urged the Assam Governor to review the nomination process. 
In a statement, the association expressed “strong disagreement” against the move, saying that the “nomination of non-tribals, particularly Ajit Dey,  who had organised meetings to oppose the very essence of the Sixth Schedule, is objectionable”.
It pointed out that paragraph 2 (1) of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution empowers the Governor to nominate four members to the KAAC. 
“But the list of persons nominated to the KAAC is objectionable as no member from the unrepresented indigenous tribes of Karbi Anglong, namely Rengma Naga, Man (Tai speaking), Garo, Kuki, Khasi-Pnar, except Karbi, is included in the list,” the association stated.
It further alleged that the nomination of a Karbi to the KAAC is to create a divide between the Karbis and the rest of the indigenous tribes of Karbi Anglong.
“The dominant recent migrants to the particular tribal area have been given importance, which is against the spirit of the Sixth Schedule,” it said. 
The association therefore urged upon the Governor to review the process and ensure only the unrepresented indigenous tribes were nominated to the KAAC. 
“Further, we appeal to all the hill tribes proper of Karbi Anglong and all the student, youth and civil organisations working for the rights and interests of the hill tribes to raise their voice against the nomination,” it stated. 

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