Thousands participate in Seng Kut Snem

City street flooded with traditional dancers

SHILLONG: Hundreds tapped their feet and swayed to the beats of traditional drums and tunes of Ka Tangmuri – a wind musical instrument — in Shillong on Saturday as people from the indigenous Khasi and Pnar communities took to the street in the annual cultural procession on the occasion of Seng Kut Snem.
The procession, which started at Iew Rynghep also known as Fire Brigade ground, Laitumkhrah, passed through parts of the city before converging at Weiking Ground at Jaiaw beside the Wah Umkhrah river. 
The procession projected the diverse and rich Khasi tradition through folk music and tableaux depicting various facets of the simple yet rich and colorful indigenous life-style.
The general secretary of the Seng Khasi Kmie spoke about the significance of the day and its relevance in the modern context.
He also informed how over the years the festival has gained more participation and is only growing.
Meanwhile, many tourists were awestruck by the magnificent cultural display in the streets of Shillong and couldn’t help but admire the unique tradition and culture.
The annual Seng Kut Snem festival is celebrated to commemorate the Seng Khasi Movement to preserve, protect and uphold indigenous Khasi religion and culture. This year the celebration marked the 120th anniversary of the Seng Khasi Movement.
It may be mentioned that it was on August 23, 1899 when 16 brave and nationalist Khasi youths formed the Seng Khasi to protect their indigenous religion, rich culture and unique language in the face of British onslaught.

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