CoMSO to move SC if Centre passes CAB

SHILLONG: The Confederation of Meghalaya Social Organisations (COMSO) has decided to move the Supreme Court if the Centre goes ahead with the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill.
“We have decided to collectively file a case in the Supreme Court if CAB becomes a reality”, said Robertjune Kharjahrin, president of HYC, which is a key constituent of COMSO.
He said that the next general election will be in 2024 and till that time nobody can change the law until the next government revokes it.
“But by that time many illegal immigrants would have already settled and therefore the Supreme Court is the only place where we can go and we hope that it will do justice,” he said.
“In politics we are irrelevant, but in the eyes of justice we are very much relevant and like in any other case, the Supreme Court is the right forum which protects the rights of the indigenous people,” he added.
Hoping against hope that the Union government will not table the bill and listen to the request of the indigenous people, Kharjahrin said, ” We would like to appeal to all the MPs of Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha not to support the bill and the Union government not to introduce it in the House and also like to appeal to the President to not give his assent”.
Informing that COMSO has decided to support the call of bandh by NESO, Kharjahrin said, “We have decided to not only support the bandh but also to request people to respect this as this is one thing that will show our disappointment and disapproval of the bill”.
”Let’s sacrifice one day for the greater interest of the people of the North East and the state and also to show that NE is united in opposing CAB,” he added.

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