Post COVID-19, ‘no more mindless songs or meaningless stories’


NEW DELHI:  The man behind the memorable dialogues of ‘Om Shanti Om’ (2007), lyricist and screenwriter Mayur Puri feels that in a post-Coronavirus world, “vague, meaningless songs about materialistic pursuits and item songs celebrating inane charades in the name of entertainment” will have to go.

“We have learned to work from home a little, and what a blessing it is! I’m sure people will avoid unnecessary meetings now and spend more time at home. I’m surly going to do so. In terms of a more substantial behavioral change in the industry, I feel we will probably make more songs and stories that are meaningful. It’s like a post World War scenario. Great art, responsible art, happened after that,” states Puri.

Adding, “Because the world saw essential issues, trivialities had no place in art then. I’m hoping that we will now have stories and songs that will be a little more sensible. Vague, meaningless songs about materialistic pursuits and item songs celebrating inane charades in the name of entertainment, will have to go. I don’t think people are interested in such banalities now. Good music, good lyrics, and good stories, like always, will not only survive, but thrive,” Puri, 45, told IANSlife in an email interview.

Puri is currently writing the Hindi version of Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’, and will work on a few film projects and a few shows for OTT, after that.

“In the meantime, localisation of a few shows and films is already on the table. My priority is to expand my transcreation business and, hopefully, get into direction this year. Fingers crossed,” he added.

Quarantined, how do his days look like? Well, to begin with, Puri is no stranger to self-isolating himself, when needed.

Calling himself “a solitary person”, Puri shared that he lives a few days in almost quarantine like situation every few months, when working on deadlines, especially while writing dialogue.

“My food is sent to my room, and for days I don’t see another person. So, this lockdown is no big deal for me. I read a lot. I also do at least two video calls a day with my family and friends. It’s essential to see faces. It’s important to see other people working, living, laughing, chatting. That’s life. And the more normal people you see, the more normalcy is there in your life. I mentor students, keep a tab on my transcreation business, and develop stories with other people – all on video conferencing.”

At home, Puri is enjoying more time with family. “Mornings are chore-time, and evenings are for board-games with my kids. I take a lot of pride in manual labour and household chores. My duty these days at home is to wash the dishes, and I’ve become very good at it. Occasionally, I arrange the beds, fold the clothes, and sweep the floors too. I can’t cook, but I want to surprise my wife with my barely passable cooking of toast and milkshake one of these days. Shhh. Don’t tell her,” he quipped.

The noted screenwriter is also running an online intiative #IPRSCreativeShala twice a week on Instagram, where he will go LIVE with stakeholders from the music business, including composers, writers, singers, and even technicians.

How did he and IPRS come up with the digital series?

“I’m an artist, I understand artists, especially artists-in-the-making because I believe, despite all my success, that I’m still an artist in the making. What does a rising artist want? Is it money? Maybe. But money isn’t equitable with happiness. What will make my 5000 members happy? The answer was straightforward. What I enjoy most (as most artists do) is the company of other artists.

“We love chatting and jamming and collaborating. IPRS Creative Shala was brewed to satisfy this thirst of our members and a broader community of artists. I think this series will give a lot of insight to creators, publishers, and artistically inclined people into the creative process of artists they love,” he said about the series that was originally planned as on-ground events but were digitalised, given the nationwide lockdown.

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