Headmen’s body wants demarcation of hotspots

SHILLONG: The Synjuk ki Nongsynshar Shnong ka Bri u Hynniewtrep has asked the state government to clearly demarcate containment zones and put up legible notices in prominent place outside houses/areas which have been declared as containment zones so as to prevent the general public from venturing into those places till the end of the stipulated quarantine period.
In a communiqué to Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma the Synjuk said the state government should make public announcements discouraging visitors or relatives from coming to Meghalaya at this juncture with the only exception being the returnees who are to enter the state only after following necessary government protocols.
Pointing to illegal entrants who cross over to the state by using “other means”, the Synjuk said the identity proofs of such people ) should be collected at the entry point and returned only when they leave the state.
An acknowledgement receipt may be issued to them to avoid inconveniences during their stay in the state, the Synjuk added.
The Synjuk also asked the state government to instruct officials manning the entry points to carefully inspect all vehicles entering the state including those carrying essential commodities as there may be people hiding among the consignment.

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