Prayer of despise

Ring the bells, beat the rhythms,
Lighted candles, prayers and hymns,
United in chorus, a display of unison,
Some acted to rhyme, some for reason.
Then the appeal an ‘evening of prayer’,
‘Souls searching, for a divine answer’,
Sacred venues bunged, liquor stores open,
Exhort to stay home, situation can darken.
The microbe seized victims, ‘they die’,
Mankind mourns, next of kin cry,
Creepy eerie, burial sites turn down,
The infant, headed homeward bound.
Those in governance, boasted aloud,
We’re able to combat, all set to bout,
The bug of covid-19, like cancer grow,
Will they adhere? Or purely a talk-show!
The contentious nuptials, at the height,
Breach of law, the host, so as the invites,
Headlines ‘news item’, vicious covidiots,
The crowd yelled, ‘act’, pre-empt the riot.
The mainland bigwig as he talked,
Like rung of a ladder, urged to walk,
‘Country folks, lend me your ears, eyes;
Plague catastrophe, a close by war are vies’
In midst of turmoil, a global phenomenon,
Of virus that shattered, like fires of cannons,
Probing for a cure, anticipate mere optimism,
If God, do heed us, he’ll clasp the next victim.

Sonny L Khyriem


Beneath the cool and love-filled umbrella
Of motherhood, I fèel safe
From the lengthening shadows of prowling wolves,
And the flying vultures on a hunting spree;
Behind her back, I can sleep fearlessly,
And sitting in her lap, I can see her
Mesmerizing smile lit on her glowing face;
My heaven on earth is around her
Wherein lies my most revered place;

The growing reach of mother’s benediction,
Spans the periphery of this world, whose
Tender hands pull me from behind
And save me from the inevitable abyss;
Her honey-dipped fingers wipe tears
From my eyes whenever I feel charred
By worldly woes, and brings solace
To my bruised soul with constant cheers;

Motherhood is a gift divine
Which is always ready with open arms
To receive her progenies in benign embrace.

Rakesh Chandra

Our beautiful planet

Our planet is an enchanting kaleidoscope
Of beautiful ecosystems,
Wherein lie the innumerable species in each
Human, animal, avian and marine kingdoms,
Living and surviving on earth from time
Teaching us a lesson of peaceful co-existence;

In the pleasing backdrop of blue sky,
The bevy of birds spread their colourful wings;
Amidst the thick foliage of verdant trees,
Green bushes and shrubs mirthfully sing;
The gardens are pulsating with lovely flowers,
Where the beetles and butterflies enjoy the petals’ swing;

Rivers and oceans are brimming with life,
Full of fishes, mammals, plants and blue-green algae;
But man is destroying this whole ecosystem,
By his wanton acts devoid of wisdom.

Rakesh Chandra

India salutes

Dragon cheated with compromises
We won’t waste supreme sacrifices
Martyrs will born as morning stars
India salutes your brave hearts

Cruel China came with wrong entry
We won’t forget deaths for country
Soldiers are nation’s true brothers
India salutes to your brave mothers

Our flag will get win, don’t get worry
We won’t leave enemies with mercy
Prayers to give strength your ladies
India salutes your brave babies

Dragon lives with dangerous lies
We won’t accept dirty doubtful ties
But India loves peace and friendship
India salutes your brave family.

Prasad Babu PSV

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