Call for ban on sale of toxic weed killers

TURA: The Garo srudents union in South Garo Hills has approached the district administration calling for the seizure and ban on the sale of highly poisonous insecticide, pesticides and weed killers who are being sold in village markets and towns by unscrupulous traders.
Members of the GSU from Mindikgre regional unit have seized a number of the poisonous chemical substances tht were being sold to the public by the traders.
In a letter to the deputy commissioner, Mindikgre GSU president Greneth M Sangma highlighted the dangers posed by the use of these chemicals.
He alerted that in several villages these insecticides and pesticides along with weedkillers are already being used by some farmers and this is leading to the poisoning of water bodies and agricultural land.
“There has to be a blanket ban on import and sale of these chemicals. Their use is causing drinking water sources and crop lands to turn toxic which will lead to people coming in for dangerous diseases and life threatening diseases,” said student leader Greneth Sangma.
It is scientifically established that use of weedkillers and chemical pesticides can lead to cancer in humans.
Even in Tura, sale of such toxic items are being reported from several areas.

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