Senior citizens deserve respect


I wish to share my experience as a senior citizen during this difficult time. On Tuesday I went out to get medicines and other essentials and my car was stopped on the way back by a young policeman, evidently an officer, judging from his khaki uniform.Since my car was odd numbered, he asked me for my pass. I told him that I’m a senior citizen,to which he demanded to know my age.  I told him that I’m 66. Then the gentleman firmly told me that I may go, but that I should not be going out. The whole interaction was not exactly pleasant and it left me a little perturbed.

We senior citizens are old enough to know what’s good and not good for us. The government has been kind enough to understand the problems we may face so these concessions are given to us. We all appreciate the great service rendered by the police force at this time and they deserve our praise and respect. But it would be highly appreciated if senior citizens are not spoken to as if they have violated some law just by going out. I can confidently say that all of us go out only when it is essential to do so.

Kindness and civility are much needed from all, especially at a time like this. I think this is not asking for much.

Yours etc.,

R I Donn.

Shillong – 21

Undue criticism of Health Dept


I would like to commend the Health Department for their tireless effort in fighting the covid-19 pandemic. The frontline workers like doctors, nurses and others are attending to their duty faithfully, risking their lives in order to save the lives of others. There are no words left to praise them for their dedication and selflessness. The leadership showed by Dr Aman Warr DHS (MI) is highly commendable since he heads a Department which lacks many basic facilities but he had to make do with available resources at hand. Therefore criticism against the Health Department is uncalled for.

The MLA’s who criticise the Department for its shortcoming should instead encourage them to continually work selflessly since what they really need at this moment is encouragement, inspiration and motivation. By criticising the department the MLAs showed their immaturity and lack of respect for the frontline workers. Instead of working together they are busy pointing fingers at others. But really what the pandemic has done is to expose the Health Department as one of the most neglected departments of the state and of which all the previous governments should take responsibility. This just proves that no matter which government rules the state, their style of functioning is more or less the same and it will not change by changing from one political party to the other.

Therefore I urge my fellow citizens to work together and to take care of ourselves by following health protocols and setting aside our selfish attitudes. Experience has taught us that we cannot fully trust our government since one way or the other it will let us down.

Yours etc.,

 Khamniar Thangkhiew.


Congress criticism unwarranted                     


It’s very disheartening to read in your esteemed daily the allegations that the Health Department is inefficient in handling the Covid-19 situation in Meghalaya (ST Aug 3, 2020). In spite of all the efforts and sacrifices made by our doctors, nurses and staff of the Health Department during these past few months to contain the spread of Covid-19, it is unfortunate that they are subject to such criticism. These frontline workers have risked their lives, spent sleepless nights away from their families. Does anyone ever think about these sacrifices made by the frontline workers?

Undoubtedly there may be lapses here and there which the Department has to look into. But we are humans and not perfect. But to say that the DHS and the Government has failed is unacceptable. My observation is also with regards to the opposition MLAs. With the exception of Messrs Process T. Sawkmie, Mayralborn Syiem and Hima Shangpliang, the rests are quiet and have no other agenda except to criticize the Government. An example is Zenith Sangma. This is not the time to politicize matters concerning the well being of the people of the State.

As concerned citizens our only request from the Government is that it should make public the names of the 41 marriage attendees at Greenwood Resort, Khanapara even if it does not reveal the names of all the 874 Covid patients.

To Dr Aman Warr and his team we wish to convey our best wishes and prayer support  so that they can carry on with their good works for the people of our State.

Yours etc

Y Dkhar & Others


In gratitude


 I take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards the Government of Meghalaya, the volunteers, all the tourist vehicle drivers, all the front-liners who are working hard day and night to ensure that all the people who are returning to Meghalaya are safe and sound.

 I had traveled from Dubai to India on the July 3, 2020. From the time I reached Shillong, the way all the front-line workers treated us was amazing. I was quarantined at the NEHU Tirot Singh complex for 14 days and all the volunteers, the supervisor and the doctor treated us like family members.

They made us feel at home. After completing 14 days at NEHU I went for another 14 days quarantine at La Castle Residency at Madan Laban. I want to thank all the volunteers as well as the LA castle residency especially those who have been preparing food for all of us. The food was amazing! Thank you to all the media as well for the news they have been delivering to each one of us. Lastly, I want to ask for God’s blessings on each one of you. Thank you all once again.

 Yours etc.,

Sandeep Chhetri,

Via email

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