Over 400 contacts of tea vendor, pharmacist listed

39 new COVID cases detected on Sunday

SHILLONG: The contact tracing of the pharmacist from Shillong Civil Hospital, who was earlier tested positive and accused of violating the quarantine protocol, has yielded a list of around 200 names from Mawkyrwat most of whom have tested negative.
Addressing the media here on Sunday, DHS (MI) Aman War said apart from the 200-odd contacts in South West Khasi Hills, the department has identified and collected samples of eight high risk contacts of the pharmacist in East Khasi Hills and their results are awaited.
The pharmacist was alleged to have violated his quarantine period to drop his wife at Rangthong PHC where she is employed.
As for the tea vendor from Khyndai Lad who was tested positive recently, the department has identified four high risk contacts who were helpers in the kitchen, besides 200-odd customers have been traced as contacts.
The total number of new positive cases till 1 pm on Sunday was 39 of which 18 were from East Khasi Hills (Armed Forces-2, others-16), 20 from Ri Bhoi (Armed Forces-7, others-13) and one from East Jaintia Hills.
Total active cases are 566 out of which 419 are in East Khasi Hills (BSF-91, Armed Forces-68, other-260), 83 in Ri Bhoi, 15 in West Jaintia Hills, 31 in West Garo Hills, six each in West Khasi Hills and East Jaintia Hills, and two each in South West Garo Hills, South Garo Hills and North Garo Hills.
The number of people recovered on Sunday was 67 of which 52 were from East Khasi Hills (BSF-51, other-1), 13 from East Jaintia Hills and 2 from Ri Bhoi. In East Khasi Hills, those who tested positive on Sunday included two from Armed Forces, six were contacts in NEIGRIHMS, six were returnees, three were contacts from Mawpat cluster and one was a tourist taxi driver. In Ri Bhoi, the positive cases included seven from Armed Forces, one operator from CMJ Breweries and 12 contacts of the operator. The solitary case in East Jaintia Hills was a high risk contact of a patient in H. Gordon Roberts Hospital, Shillong.
Dr War informed that the contact tracing of the operator of CMJ Breweries is being done. He said that the operator belongs to the Khanapara-Byrnihat cluster and must have been infected from there.
Currently, there are 21 active patients in NEIGRIHMS.

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