COVID patient with co-morbidities wins battle for life in Bethany Hospital

SHILLONG: A 62 years old patient who was diagnosed with COVID-19, has recovered and was discharged from Bethany Hospital in the city giving hope to people during the grim situation where cases are soaring.

In a statement issued here, spokesperson of Bethany Hospita, Dr Kyntiewlang Sanmiet said that the patient is a known case of Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Hypothyroidism and Ca Oropharynx (Post-radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy).

It may be mentioned that most of the deceased persons are elderly people and the fatality in the state has crossed 40 persons and the story of the elderly patient’s recovery is an inspiration to medical professionals and a silver lining in the dark cloud.

“Whenever a patient recovers, it is a proud moment for us. However, due to his comorbidities, it is inspiring news for all of us. This patient was put on oxygen therapy and other treatment as per protocol. During the course of his hospital stay, the patient’s condition improved. Our team of doctors and staff who were treating him noticed his stern will to fight against the virus. It is the will that is most important to fight against coronavirus. He has set an example that even people with such comorbidities can fight the virus”, Sanmiet said.

He said that though older persons with comorbidities might be at greater risk, but it does not mean the battle is lost for them.

Sanmiet said that the patient is an example of hope. “Hope along with great care and a good fight can make miracles happen, even if the odds are against you”, the doctor said.

It may be mentioned that it is not the first time that the state found solace in such good news but in the first week of September, a 65 years old COVID-19 infected woman who was suffering from multiple co-morbid conditions emerged a winner in the COVID fight.

The woman, who had been suffering from fever, pneumonia and severe respiratory distress for a week, was admitted to Nazareth Hospital on August 13 and was tested positive for the virus on admission.

At the hospital, she was diagnosed as having diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)  and was tested negative on the RT-PCR test 22 days after she was admitted to the hospital.


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