Finally, the cat is out of China’s bag. China stated on Tuesday that it does not recognize the Union Territory status that India bestowed on its Ladakh territory. This comes close on the heels of a statement from National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah that the special status for Jammu and Kashmir, which India abolished a year ago, will be restored with Chinese help. A denial came, but this was what he was quoted as saying. Alongside, Pakistan is sounding the world fora against the status change.

Notable is Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement two days ago that China created a border stand-off in Ladakh as part of a “mission” in cahoots with Pakistan. He was speaking at the opening of 44 newly built bridges in border regions, which are mainly meant to ensure speedier troop movement. The way things are shaping up along the northern and western borders, of late, it is clear that China wants to interject in the continued Pakistani provocations against India. There again was unprovoked firing from Pakistani troops along the western border, while India was focusing its attention on the Ladakh region in the north, where China is battle-ready.

China is cut-up with India also over the close eye New Delhi is keeping on the border regions, which is reflected in the infra-development like road and bridge constructions. Also, Rafale fighter jets have arrived and are deployed alongside Bhishma tanks, close to Ladakh. China is Pakistan’s all-weather friend. But, it would be a lesson for China’s dictator Xi Jinping if he chooses to rub India the wrong way. In any war between China and India, damage will be swift, and lethal to both sides and to Pakistan too. India is not lacking in its resolve to take on China or Pakistan, or both together, should a situation so arise.

Pakistan is taken to the cleaners by a weak political establishment which is dictated to at every step by an overbearing military, and the nation’s wealth is open to loot by both these entities. China gains from the present scenario by way of economic cooperation, providing huge funds for infra development at high rates of interest, and bleeding Pakistan. Browbeating India is what China can do now to keep such engagements too in good form. The situation in Kashmir is well under control. The entire landmass will be safeguarded by the battery of Indian soldiers in good form. The Abdullahs in Kashmir have only added to the mess in Jammu and Kashmir through three generations.

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