Sohpian 4th MLP Battalion reports 39 COVID-19 cases

NONGSTOIN: All is not well for the state police personnel, for the COVID-19 impact on them continues to remain severe with 39 fresh COVID-19 cases being reported from Sohpian 4th MLP Battalion.
On Tuesday, the largest state police force battalion in Garo Hills — the 2nd MLP Battalion near Tura — was turned into a containment zone, after two dozen inhabitants of the camp  were tested COVID-19 positive.
Officials from the Health department said that the tests were conducted in Sohpian 4th MLP Battalion after one police personnel, who was admitted in Civil Hospital, was tested positive for the virus.
It was learnt that on Thursday, the Health department conducted COVID-19 tests on the inhabitants in the 4th MLP headquarter, following which 10 of them were found COVID positive.
On Friday, however, when the tests were conducted again, 29 more out of 129 police personnel tested positive.
It was informed that all the 39 COVID-19-infected patients have been contained at a building in the police headquarter where they are being monitored by the health officials.

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