President Trump delivered what he promised, say supporters

Macon (US): US President Donald Trump has delivered in the last four years by making a strong military, reviving the country’s economy and creating millions of jobs, his supporters in the battleground state of Georgia have said.
Trump on Friday night addressed an election rally at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport in Georgia’s Macon town.
President Trump has delivered what he promised in 2016.
He is the best president in my life-time, Mark, who along with his two young sons drove for two-and-a-half hours to listen to Trump in person, told PTI.
Mark, a farmer, said he arrived early at the venue at 10 am so that he and his sons can get the front row seats. The family managed to get seats in the fifth row. The rally was held at 7 pm.
“He (Trump) is winning Georgia with a landslide,” the young farmer claimed.
First time voters, Ethan and his three friends — all aged 19 years — said they are going to vote for Trump because of his success in reviving the economy and creating millions of new jobs, before the country was hit by the coronavirus.
He has delivered once and will do it again. We don’t believe in fake news, Ethan and his friends told PTI.
Caroline Dotson, another Trump supporter, said the president is very popular among youths and women.
That’s why we are here. He has launched fight against corruption at high places. You can see that he has reduced unemployment rates in such a short span of time, she said.
According to Rita, who attended the rally along with her husband Dave, President Trump “is not a politician, that’s why he has been successful in his first term”.
I had voted for him in 2016. I came here to see the level of energy and enthusiasm at his rally four years later. It’s the same, if not less, Dave said, adding that he was expecting far less crowd in Macon, given the coronavirus pandemic.
This shows his popularity. I tell you, he is going to win by a landslide, he said.
Agreed network engineer Viwanu, who migrated to the US some 22 years ago from Nigeria. He came to attend the rally along with two of his African-American friends, who migrated from Nigeria two years ago.
I voted for him (Trump) four years ago. I will vote for him again. No president, in recent memory, has done so much for African-Americans as President Trump in the last four years,” Viwanu said. (PTI)

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