Arrow star Stephen Amell reveals he tested positive for COVID-19

Actor Stephen Amell has revealed that he had contracted Covid-19.
The “Arrow” fame star said his main concern was to not “ruin” the future of his upcoming show “Heels”. The show was already in production in Atlanta when the actor fell ill, he said during an October 27 appearance on “Inside Of You” podcast, reports
At the time of the October 20 recording, Amell said he had tested positive two weeks before and was now ready to return to work.
The interview marked Amell’s first major public interaction since suffering a panic attack on the same show nine months ago.
“I’m a retired superhero, but take one last thing from me,” Amell said.
“If I’ve had any anxiety, I know that we speak about this sometimes on the pod and, obviously you know, I had a panic attack on your podcast. Take it from a guy whose only sense of anxiety and panic has been the concept of contracting Covid.”
Amell said he “never worried about the lethal aspect” of falling ill from the virus, instead clarifying, “My anxiety came from the idea that I would be letting hundreds of people down”. (IANS)

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