‘Opp raking up allegations to destabilise MDA Govt’

SHILLONG, Nov 28: Going all out against the Opposition Congress, the National People’s Party (NPP) on Saturday claimed that the party was making desperate attempts to come up with wild allegations based on the sole motive of destabilizing the two-and-half-year-old MDA Government.
A full blown war of accusations has now raged between the Opposition Congress and the National People’s Party (NPP) with Leader of Opposition, Mukul Sangma accusing Chief Minister Conrad Sangma and Power Minister James Sangma of destroying evidences and thereby derailing the investigation process in the IRS scam house at SS Netcom, and in return the NPP reminding the Congress of their wrongdoings in the Marvelene’s Inn case.
NPP Spokesperson, Marcuise Marak on Saturday claimed that the allegations levelled by the Leader of Opposition was borne out of fear that he (Mukul Sangma) might become politically irrelevant, whether in Meghalaya or in Delhi.
“We see this as a part of the Congress’s fading legacy and with a leader like him at the helm of affairs, the day is not too far when we will see the Congress being relegated into the pages of history,” he added.
Recalling that when there was a huge outcry from civil society organizations over the sexual molestation of a minor girl at Marvelene’s Inn, which was owned by then Congress Minister HDR Lyngdoh, Dr Mukul Sangma, the then chief minister had gone on record and said that as far as the removal of HDR Lyngdoh was concerned, “the law doesn’t demand so,” Marcuise said.
“These are the exact words of someone who claims to be a person ‘who believes in law and order’. To make matters worse, Mukul Sangma had also transferred the investigating officer in the case to derail the probe,” the NPP Spokesperson said.
“It is amusing to note Mukul Sangma’s understanding of politics. As chief minister, he failed to remove his own Home minister HDR Lyngdoh, despite knowing the fact that a prostitution racket involving minor girls was flourishing in one of his properties,” Marcuise added.
It may be mentioned that the investigating officer, BK Mishra was transferred after making few arrest in the case.
Continuing his attack on the leader of opposition, the NPP Spokesperson said that instead of understanding morality and the
grievous nature of crime that was committed by his own minister he still continued to play his political game for political mileage.
Calling the Leader of Opposition as an architect seasoned in erecting facades, Marcuise said, “Mukul Sangma, during his Chief Ministership had announced an initiative known as the ‘24×7 Power for All’. While it sounds fancy, the children of our state are still forced to study in candle light”.
Stating that Dr Sangma must learn what it means to fulfil hopes of the people, the NPP Spokesperson claimed that the MDA government, in two years, has electrified five times the number of villages that Mukul Sangma’s government had achieved.
“Households were still suffering in darkness. And all that Mukul Sangma did was use his mastery of words to smoothly blindfold the people into believing that work was being done. Creating hope in the hearts of people and then quashing it prematurely is one of the worst things a politician can do and he precisely did that,” said Marak.
The NPP Spokesperson said that Mukul Sangma, after all his years of misgovernance, after weakening all out government institutions and after emptying the government’s coffers, is now finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that the MDA government has done so much for the people.
On Mukul Sangma’s allegations on the Saubhagya Scheme, Marcuise said, “It is again evident that he experiences regret that his government could not do what the MDA Government has completed so far”.
Asserting that due approvals and procedures have been followed as per law with regards to tendering and awarding of contracts, Marak said, “It is sad that our honourable Chief Minister actually had to school the Leader of Opposition to understand how central schemes work, because clearly, he lacks that understanding.”
“His accusation that this is a ‘modus operandi with matching share’ is an assumption arising from years of twisted experiences,” Marcuise signed off.

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