Nearly 10 lakh beneficiaries vaccinated so far


New Delhi, Jan 21 (IANS) Nearly ten lakh beneficiaries have been vaccinated till now, with no death following immunisation reported on Thursday, the Union health Ministry said.

“A total of 9,99,065 beneficiaries vaccinated till 06:00 pm. No case of serious or severe adverse event following immunisation attributed to vaccination till date,” Health Ministry Additional Secretary Manohar Angani said.

The Additional Secretary, however, said that one person in Rajasthan’s Udaipur district was hospitalised on January 20 after suffering from intracranial haemorrhage four days after the immunisation, but it is not related to the vaccination.

“No deaths were reported today,” Angani said. Till now, a total of four people have died after taking the jab but the death is unrelated to it.

About 1,92,581 people were vaccinated today in 27 states and Union Territories. Odisha inoculated 26,558 people, highest so far today, followed by 26,441 in Telangana, 16,103 in Karnataka, 15,798 in Bihar and 15,507 in Andhra Pradesh. Delhi vaccinated 5,128 people.

More enhancements have been made in the CoWin application. Creation of more session sites, more sessions per site and change in site location is now allowed. Planning and scheduling the sessions for entire week has been enabled.

Further, tagging of contraindications has been enabled in vaccinator module for enhanced safety of the beneficiaries.