Time for political solidarity

The country is facing a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. At this time the least that citizens expect is for politicians to play the blame game whether at the Centre or in the states. Those in the government must understand that they need all hands on deck and that they cannot play politics with a virus that is killing thousands of helpless Indians every day. Prime Minister Modi’s vaccine diplomacy to build his image has backfired very badly. In fact each of his actions since the beginning of this year is under scrutiny. The elections held in Assam, Bengal, Karnataka and Tamilnadu and the panchayat elections in Uttar Pradesh have turned super spreaders. If we survive this epochal devastation, let us hope that the Indian voter will place more faith in science and human development than in religion which politicians in this country have actually turned into an opium with the opiated having blind allegiance in a leader who is singularly obsessed with his image. The daily body counts have exceeded anything this country has experienced before. The health system has collapsed and doctors have never been so helpless. In this situation the BJP as the ruling party should set aside its political ego and reach out to all political parties and solicit their wisdom and synergy on how to reduce the human tragedy.

Prime Minister Modi must be prepared to be upbraided by his political opponents but even they might relent were Modi to say “mea culpa,’ instead of trying to wriggle out of culpability.

A similar situation is developing in Meghalaya where every single day the Congress Party as the main opposition is firing missiles that are aimed at embarrassing the MDA Government. The problem with politicians is that they seek to score brownie points even from human tragedies. People are suffering and detest political jibes being thrown around. This is the time when the Congress should show its maturity by extending its assistance and help in synergizing the initiatives taken by government agencies, especially the health care workers who are stretched beyond limits and without any complaints.

Former Chief Minister and Congress leader, Mukul Sangma who is also a medical doctor, ought to offer his services to the people of Meghalaya at this critical juncture, instead of listing the faults of the MDA government day after day just to stay in the news. There will be time to tear the MDA government to shreds but for now the Congress should rise above political differences and be more humane. Chief Minister Conrad Sangma and his deputy who is quick to launch diatribes at critics should stop that game forthwith and convene an all-party meet to handle the looming medical crisis in the State.

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