Student leader threatens to file FIR over poor education infrastructure in SGH

District’s schools left without repair

TURA, May 4: President of the Mindikgre Regional unit of the GSU, Greneth M Sangma on Tuesday threatened to file an FIR against district school authorities from South Garo Hills for failing to look after the educational infrastructure from the area while at the same time castigating the MDA led government for promising that first priority would be given to education in the state.

According to Greneth, although the pathetic state of education infrastructure in the area was brought to the notice of the government as well as authorities of the education department several times, the complaints of the people fell on deaf ears and nothing has been done with regard to the same till date.

Greneth pointed to the condition of Balkam Asim Deficit Upper Primary School which was devastated by cyclone and hailstorm in March last year. He claimed that a memorandum for the restoration of the same was submitted by the union to the government as well as to the authorities of the education department but that nothing has been done on the issue.

Greneth claimed that there were several other schools in the area which were badly in need of repairs for which memorandums have also been submitted to rthe concerned authorities.

“We had submitted memorandums for the repair of the following schools namely, the Garo Songgital Government LP School, Rompa Asim Government LP School, Dokgre Government LP School, Baganggre Government LP School, Mindikgre Adhoc Secondary School and Balkal Asim Government Deficit UP School. All these schools are left unrepaired till today,” Greneth said adding, two of the said schools were even used as polling stations in the recent elections.

Greneth said that it was surprising why the state government had de-sanctioned all the sanctioned schemes for South Garo Hills pertaining to the Education Department.

According to Greneth, there are also many schools in the district which are without even a single teacher as there has been no new appointments in place of those who have expired or retired from service.

“There is no teacher at Rompa Asim Government LP School as the head teacher has expired and the assistant teacher has been transferred to another school. The Darit Asim Government LP School is also without a teacher as no new appointment has been made by the government after the existing teacher expired. The school is now remaining closed,” Greneth claimed.

Greneth added that after the government terminated all Adhoc basis school teachers, the Chramgre Government LP School is facing problems as no teacher has been appointed to replace the termination. Another school according to Greneth, the Warima Government LP School in Mahadeo which has about 60 to 70 students is also facing hardships to function due to non-appointment of teachers since last year.

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