NPP keeps Tura BJP MDC guessing in GHADC, says no decision ‘yet’ on accepting his support



TURA, June 11th: In what can be termed an “equivalent retaliation” for the recent spate over formation of a new Executive Committee in the GHADC, in which the Tura BJP MDC had played hard ball, the ruling alliance has taken Bernard Marak’s support to it with a pinch of salt, preferring to keep him guessing and waiting.

On Friday, a day after the Tura BJP MDC extended his hand of friendship and letter of support to the NPP led Garo Hills Democratic Alliance(GHDC) Executive Committee of Benedic R Marak, the NPP has shot back stating that it is yet to take a decision on accepting his support.

In what can be termed an embarrassment to the BJP MDC from Tura, the NPP CEM Benedic R Marak released a statement informing that no decision has so far been taken by his party in regards to accepting Bernard Marak’s support to it.

“Yesterday a support letter was given by one of our colleague Bernard Rimpu Marak to our newly formed EC. I as a CEM of the newly formed EC would like to clarify on one thing that my EC is delighted for his support but the acceptance from our side is not confirmed because we have not got any intimidation from our Party high command for the acceptance of his support letter,” stated the NPP CEM keeping in suspense the decision of his party.

The CEM further brought into focus the inter-party working mechanism through which the other BJP MDC from Dalu, Pramod Koch, joined the alliance at the time of EC formation in the council, two months ago.

“We have accepted our colleague Pramod Koch in our EC under the guidance of our party high command and also his party our alliance BJP, so the same intimation has to be given in order to confirm his support for our EC. But as I have said again in the beginning that we are delighted for his support but the future course of acceptance of his support will be done only after our party high command instructs,” clarified CEM Benedic Marak laying the ball in the court of his party leadership that hasn’t taken kindly to the previous attempts by the Tura BJP MDC to stall the formation of the EC.

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