MPYC demands rollback on fuel prices

TURA, June 11: The Meghalaya Youth Congress on Friday demanded that the Central government immediately rollback the hikes in petrol and diesel prices terming it an injustice resulting in the rise of price of essential commodities.

“The mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic blunders of the government has crippled many Indian families. Lakhs of people have seen a reduction in their incomes, lakhs have lost their jobs and lakhs are forced to close their businesses without any help or support from the government. Government left the people to fend for themselves. People, especially the youth have lost all hope on the government of the day,” MPYC President Richard Marak said in a statement.

Marak added that this year alone, the government increased the fuel prices a whopping 47 times and since last year the prices of petrol and diesel have increased by Rs 26.79 and Rs 25.02 respectively.

The Congress party has always stood by the citizens of India and it will not allow the BJP government to continue exploiting people. Today Congress workers & leaders across the country are protesting against the government to demand a roll back of the unnecessary & exorbitant hikes in fuel prices, Marak added.

Marak pointed out that petrol which now costs Rs 90 plus in Meghalaya has even crossed Rs 102 a litre in some places in the country. He questioned why the customers were being made to pay so much when the international crude price was only about Rs 69/-.

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