Earthly efforts to make Guwahati Refinery complex waste-free


SHILLONG, Sept 15:  A Guwahati-based NGO, Earthful Foundation has launched a drive to convert all the residential sectors of the IOCL Refinery at Guwahati (Noonmati) a ‘Zero Waste Zone’ under a project called ‘Project Good Waste’.

Given that reducing, reusing and recycling can be a key part of a climate change strategy to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions, the Sector I of the refinery complex has been declared Zero Waste Zone under the project by Earthful Foundation.

In the process of its implementation of the project, all the households and workers were approached and given the orientation for segregating their wastes by the volunteers and officials of the NGO which also distributed three coloured dustbins (brown, green and blue) among all the households in the Sector I of the refinery complex for gathering of wastes according their district characters.

The Earthful team would monitor the wastes as 95% of the households agreed to segregate the wastes as they liked the idea. The wet waste would directly go for composting which would be then distributed among the households for their use whereas the inorganic waste would be separated material-wise and sent to the respective vendors for recycling.

The segregation place and the nearby land (dump yard earlier) was cleaned properly and inaugurated as an organic garden. The inauguration of the place was done by Satyajyoti Baruah, Joint Commissioner, GMC and S P Singh, Executive Director, IOCL Guwahati.

Baruah said that this project was a remarkable step and could be a model for many such societies and would be presented in Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) as an example for Waste Management.

S P Singh said that this couldn’t have been be possible without the support of residents and workers and the project was designed in a suitable way to elicit cooperation needed from the people.

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