Group alleges shoddy construction of PMGSY road  

TURA, Nov 25: The AYWO from Garobadha on Thursday expressed displeasure over the shoddy manner of construction being done on the Chengjora to Anderkhona via Chamaguri PMGSY Road which has been funded by the Ministry of Rural Development (PWD Roads).


In a statement issued here, the organization while opposing the shoddy construction alleged that rocks and chips being used for metalling in the construction are of sub standard quality and not those recommended by concerned authorities.


“Normal uncrushed rocks are being used in the construction instead of those which are crushed for the purpose either by hand or by machines. This is a violation of the guidelines set for any construction and we fear that the road will not last long and be damaged soon,” the organization said.


The organization alleged that in an apparent move to save cost, stones have been extracted illegally from nearby streams and rivers to be used in the construction which is also a threat to the aquatic species as well as to the environment.


The organization urged the concerned authorities to take notice and demanded that the construction be put on hold for the time being until a proper inspection and investigation is done.

Caption: Members of the AYWO from Garobadha inspect the ongoing construction of the Chengjora to Anderkhona via Chamaguri PMGSY Road.

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