‘Khasi community migrated from Central Asia’

SHILLONG, Jan 14: The Secretary of Hima Sohra, BV Rymmai who had written a book titled Thymmei u Khasi on Friday stated that the books which he had managed to read and also the stories which were told by the forefathers revealed that the Khasi community since time immemorial had migrated from Central Asia and they had settled down in this part of the world right from the time of the Indus Valley Civilization.
While speaking to reporters on Friday, Rymmai informed that the Khasis had settled in the Northern part of India when they migrated to India.
According to him, the Khasis were forced to migrate from Central India and settled in the foothills of the Himalayas after the Rajputs had waged a war during the 7th century.
Rymmai who hails from Khatarshnong village said that they started the practice of taking the surname of the mother after the women had refused to leave from Northern India when they were attacked by the Rajputs.
He said that the Khasi men had actually offered to allow women to give their clan name to their children if they agreed to come with them.
Rymmai also mentioned that the book Ki Sngi barim u Hynñiewtrep written by U Soso Tham and Dr. Homiwell Lyngdoh had mentioned that the books they had managed to read reveals that there is a tribe in South East Kashmir who are known as Cosya or Khasia and it is believed that they are the grandchildren of Nagas who belongs to the Aryan tribe, who arrived in India.
The Secretary of Hima Sohra said that the Khasis did not stay long at the foothills of the Himalayas since it was an area full of snow.
“We can base this fact after the Khasis had named the Himalayas as Lumbah Makashang”, he said.
According to Rymmai, there are many writings which suggest that the Khasis originated from the community which was well educated since they were part of the Indus Valley Civilization.
“It is for this reason that the Khasis from time immemorial knew how to use gold and silver. We know that Khasi men also wore earrings which are similar to that of people living on the banks of the Indus river,” he said.
The Secretary of Hima Sohra also said that one group of Khasi tribe living in South East Kashmir had gone to reside in Japan and had ruled the place while the second group of the Khasi tribe decided to settle in the Khasi Hills.
Rymmai also mentioned that late Dr. Bajubon Roy Kharlukhi, while speaking in one of the programmes of All India Radio had stated that the style of living of the people of Japan is similar to that of the Khasis.
He said that according to the late Dr. Bajubon that there are places in Japan which are similar to the places here.
The Secretary of Hima Sohra also made a reference to JN Chaudhury in his book The Khasi Canvas that the headquarters of Khasi has been named as Iewduh since there is similar name in Japan where it was later renamed as Tokyo.
Rymmai said that the headquarters here has also been renamed as Shyllong which is a name referring to the hill (Shillong Peak) which is close to the city of Shillong.

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